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The Magic Table Book

The Magic Table Book

About this book:


The Magic Table is a story of a very diverse  family, who moved from a faraway land, to settle in rural Appalachia. 


Despite their differences , they opened their home, heart and hearth, to the people in their tiny mountain town. 


They embraced everyone in their own custom, culture and cuisine, while seamlessly blending in with their adopted Appalachian ways. 


They were the perfect balance of curry and cornbread. 


The book shows, even though we are vastly different, we can still co-exist and live happily ever after in perfect harmony. 


It shows how a simple act, like sharing a humble meal can  bring everyone magically together around the table and strengthen their bond.


This is a story of diversity and inclusion. This is our story. 


We all have the magic within us.


We just have to make time and find it. 


Have a seat at the Magic Table with us, and enjoy the flavors of this mystical  journey, we call life. 


Diversity is truly delicious.


“Mom always said, Mareesa was an amalgam. She was a beautiful combination of her Appalachian heritage and roots with the custom, culture and cuisine of their native land. She was as strong as the mountains she was born into. She was grounded firmly  like a banyan tree. 


She … was the perfect combination of curry and cornbread”


- Sheila Ahmad, The Magic Table 

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